Why a doll?
Many reasons for a doll!

  • A doll always has desire and time

  • A doll talks only when MAN wants

  • A doll needs no petting

  • One doll = several women. (Other wig, other eyes,)

  • A doll does not need to cuddle afterwards

  • A doll always looks good

  • A doll does it all

And why a doll from Hotvlivedoll?

  • Giant selection of different dolls!

  • No shipping costs! Also not international!

  • Delivery within 12-14 days!

  • Dolls for rent!

  • Within Vienna delivery and direct payment possible!

  • Various bonus programs!

  • Different payment options!

  • All accessories and items always available!

  • Dolls about partner shops and clubs to test!