We offer you also many extras and eqipment for your doll. The extras and any kind of equipment is in the price of the doll included with us!!! Means we will no charge you extra for anything of this if you buy a doll at our store. If you want buy extras  just as equipment  for your doll please contact us for a price offer.

Have a look at some of our eqipment products:


Our categories of dolls selected in hair colours is just a inspiration. You can choose your doll with any wigs or any head. Means you can combinate any head and wig with any breasts and any body of any doll what you see on our site. See here some of our options for heads and wigs.

Finger Nails & Toe Nails

Eye Colour

Skin Clour

Changeable Pussy

Sound Function.

With this your doll can moan while the action.

Stand Feet

Dildo Extention.

Make any doll with this to your shemale!

Pubic Hair