Your HOTLIVEDOLL must be cleaned at regular intervals or after each use. It is important that you only work with a damp cloth, which should not cause scratches and which is moistened with cold or lukewarm water. Since our HOTLIVEDOLLs are waterproof, we also recommend an occasional lukewarm bubble bath or a shower.

You can also fill the supplied intimate shower with warm water and add a few drops of a mild disinfectant soap. After vigorous shaking, you take the shower in all used openings (anus, mouth and vagina) and rinse a few times. Now you repeat the procedure only with warm water.

After cleaning, all water stains that have developed should be removed or blotted dry with a soft cloth. The three openings (oral, anal and vaginal) should always be dry after cleaning.

Never use alcohol, acids or bases for cleaning but only a small amount of mild disinfectant soap.

TPE is an elastic material. If the HOTLIVEDOLL gets wrinkled due to improper storage, you can use a warm but not coarse cloth to remove it.

Recommended use and storage

To ensure a long life, you should apply baby powder to your HOTLIVEDOLL after every second use. This leaves the skin super soft and durability is massively prolonged.

Never expose your HOTLIVEDOLL to direct sunlight. Excessive heat in any form you should avoid in any case.

Do not scratch or hurt your HOTLIVEDOLL with sharp objects.

Cheap clothes can leave stains on the HOTLIVEDOLL or discoloration, be sure to wash new clothes before using them on or with the HOTLIVEDOLL.

Please be gentle, if you bring your HOTLIVEDOLL in a new position. Rapid movements can cause problems, e.g. Damage to the TPE by the metal skeleton.

If you are allergic to TPE, use the HOTLIVEDOLL with caution and only with a condom. Only use sufficiently water-soluble lubricating cream, because this enhances the experience and spares the material of your HOTLIVEDOLL at the same time.